How would it feel if you could get the RESULTS YOU DESIRE

with a SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE plan and process, IN THE NEXT 12 WEEKS?



We set you up for success by having you meet with one of our professional trainers. During that time we help you create a clear plan to reach your desired fitness goals. Once your plan is set we use the following tools to help you get the lasting results you seek!

LIVE 1-on-1 Coaching & Support

Your coach will guide you through the process to get lasting weight loss results. From fitness and workouts to nutrition. Your coach is ready to support you!

DAILY Accountability

Accountability is crucial to having success on your weight loss journey. We keep you accountable on your custom plan and are with you every step of the way!


Nutrition can be a confusing topic, this is why we focus on a practical yet personal process. Your weight loss transformation is just around the corner!

ONGOING Education

Education and Resources are available to you throughout your entire weight loss journey. We work to make it possible for you to grow without the overwhelm.


Community and support are key to lasting results. Our community provides you with challenges and support in a positive setting. Making your journey more fun!

LASTING Transformation

Weight Loss means nothing if you just gain it back. Everything we do is about creating a practical and possible lifestyle. All without the fads that simply don't work!


Kelly's OnSpot Fitness Story

Jenni's OnSpot Fitness Story


OnSpot Fitness has made losing weight more enjoyable and has helped me stick with it. They always give positive feedback and the trainers keep an eye on you while working out to make sure you don’t hurt yourself by doing something incorrectly. If you are looking to lose weight and feel good about yourself, OnSpot Fitness would be an amazing choice.”

Thomas C. Maineville, Ohio

"This is the best training that I have ever had! Angela is fabulous!! She is professional, fun, motivating, and best of all - the training is in the comfort of your very own living room!! Thanks so much OnSpot Fitness!!"

Melissa B. Landen, Ohio

"This is the best training that I have ever had! Angela is fabulous!! She is professional, fun, motivating, and best of all - the training is in the comfort of your very own living room!! Thanks so much OnSpot Fitness!!"

Melissa B. Landen, Ohio

“OnSpot Fitness is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time….or Ever! The knowledge they have about fitness and nutrition is like no one else I have come in contact with. And I have tried many trainers over the years. Thanks for all you have done! I appreciate you sticking with me through it all!!!”

Melissa W. Loveland, Ohio


Gyms can be intimidating and time consuming… You don’t need a gym to get in great shape anymore! At OnSpot Fitness our trainers come to YOU (physically or virtually)! Started by Michael and Angela Walsh, OnSpot Fitness makes reaching your fitness goals practical and convenient, without having to leave your home. So it’s time to fire your gym and try OnSpot Fitness today!

"Between kids, careers, family, school, sports etc... We understand that life is busy, we live it too! This is why we provide our OnSpot clients with practical plans of fitness and nutrition, and we give them the tools and resources they need to make health a priority, even when life is hectic!

We make it our companies mission to serve each client individually and to choose a plan that works best for your life, schedule and your goals!

We look forward to making you part of our OnSpot Fitness family!"

- Michael & Angela Walsh

No more EXCUSES get the RESULTS you are looking for!

“I just had my first session with my OnSpot Trainer. Wonderful! Very smart and focused and an excellent teacher. He is also extremely patient and encouraging. He has a great sense of humor and made me feel comfortable at the first meeting, even though I had no idea what I was doing! I very much enjoyed my time with him and LEARNED SO MUCH! Looking forward to the upcoming weeks. If you’re on the edge of whether you should commit to fitness or not – I would say yes and point you in this direction!!!!! Excellent”

Kate B. Cincinnati, Ohio

"Michael is a fantastic trainer! My husband and I have learned so much from Michael. His fitness and health knowledge is out of this world amazing! We are so thankful to have found him!"

Michelle A. Maineville, Ohio

“The OnSpot Fitness Trainers work hard to make sure that they understood my needs and the appropriate action necessary to fulfil them. I highly recommend them- they are great and I’ve been working with them for over a year now.”

Larry W. Mason, Ohio

“Many times before, I’ve started this journey and just slowly stopped when I got frustrated or lost interest. This time, I know I will stick to it. My Trainer has helped with exercise routines and new food choices as well, keeping things interesting.”

Sharron C. Maineville, Ohio

“My OnSpot Fitness Trainer is a really outstanding trainer – warm. insightful and fun to be around. Best of all he challenges me when it’s needed and is always positive and supportive. His words of wisdom gave me just the right push at the right moment to think things through and take measures to get results. I am more relaxed these days and I can’t recommend them enough.”

Amy L. Lebanon, Ohio


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